Olivia Zynevych | Salon Director

Olivia’s passion lies in creating an exceptional in-salon experience for her clients. Having been awarded both 2014 Salon Manager of the Year and 2015 Colour Technician of the year, you can be sure your experience will be amazing from start to finish! More than anything though the reward of contributing to her client’s wellbeing, happiness and image is what drives her. Olivia’s renowned for her stunningly soft baby-lights and beautifully precise haircuts

Who’s your style icon? I’ve always loved Nicole Richies style!

When I’m not in the salon you’ll find me….. At the gym, I’m a total Gym Junkie!

You’ll see me in the salon doing…. I’m pretty sure I’ll be waffling away to someone! I love some good banter!

The team describe me as…..driven, compassionate and generous.

David Martin | Colour Director/Director of Education

David’s 20+ year career in hairdressing has indeed been colourful. As a colour specialist, he has worked alongside some of the industry’s biggest names worldwide and presented educational seminars on national and international platforms. Throughout the years, he has gained a great understanding of client colour suitability and an extraordinary knowledge base when it comes to the art of colouring hair. Taking inspiration from modern art through to sci fi movies, David’s artistic belief is to create character through various means. With his varying techniques, he sets about enhancing a client’s individuality and characteristics, whether that be classic and structured or freestyle and edgy.

What’s your favourite food? I love to eat Asian food because I can’t cook Asian food!! Trust me I’ve tried. It’s a frustration of mine but more of a delight.

What’s your signature catchphrase? Apparently I say “here’s a story” a lot. Here’s a story, I’ve never heard myself say it….

What’s one thing we don’t know about you? I have a sense of humour…try it out.

The team describe me as… hilarious, honest and wise.

Rachelle Buchhorn | Business Manager

Rachelle’s lovely, caring nature was evident the moment she started her apprenticeship with the salon and as she later progressed to be an exceptional colourist, it was clear she had a special talent for delivering an outstanding customer experience. Rachelle has developed her marketing skills and now focusses all her attention on our clients, building long lasting relationships and staying connected with them through various channels as well as providing a welcoming and comfortable in-salon atmosphere.

Whats your idea salon playlist? I’m always the first in the salon so my choice is always something relaxing to start the day!

What’s your favourite food? Anything sweet!

What’s one thing we don’t know about you? I worked as a florist for a number of years! I love flowers.

The team describe me as….calm, compassionate and helpful.

Amelia Pope | Salon Coordinator

Each Saturday Amelia sets a warm, friendly ambience for our clients and assists the Ohana team to deliver a seamless salon experience on the busiest day of the week. In her role as Salon Coordinator, she knows what it takes operationally to ensure smooth sailing having worked on the floor as a colourist and stylist herself. As well as having over 17 years’ experience assisting talented hairdressers create the ultimate salon experience for their clients, Amelia has a bachelor in textile design and has recently been working as a designer.

Favourite holiday destination? My happy place is Bali but I’ll happily holiday anywhere in the world.

Who’s your current style icon? I don’t really have one particular style icon but someone who I feel changed the face of fashion (especially for women) is Chanel.

What’s one thing we don’t know about you? I am an open book lol!

The team describe me as…. Chic, bold and genuine.

Kristy Edmonds | Master Stylist/Colourist

Kristy has been hairdressing for 18 years, crafting her skills in the UK and Canada, as well as her home town Perth and of course Melbourne, along the way. She still delights in the creative challenge of interpreting her clients wishes and providing a style that matches their personality and lifestyle. Kristy has a loyal clientele who revel in her artistic expression and down to earth personality.

Johnny Mckinlay | Master Stylist/Colourist

From Sydney to London to Paris and finally to Melbourne, Johnny has been developing his hairdressing talent for over 18 years. His passion lies in creating the perfect personalised look for each and every client with exceptional skill across all aspects of hairdressing. Although he does have a soft spot for the perfect blowdry. Johnny loves nothing more than watching his clients leave the salon looking and feeling great.

Who’s your current style icon? Iris Apfel…. an accidental icon. True to her own, this woman wears what she wants and is unapologetic about it. An inspiration at 96! However I appreciate a lot of people’s individual styles. Working on smith Street is where I see individuality. That’s inspiring.

Early bird or night owl? Depends on how many wines I’ve had the night before…

You’ll see me in the salon doing….? Everything! Hairdressing is as creative as you make it. I think it’s more interesting to push and grow yourself and your clients out of your comfort zones.

The team describe me as…. Motivated, positive and fabulous.

Jessica Wellington | Graduate Colourist

Jess is passionate about beautiful hair! Having loved hair since she was little Jess is excited to turn this passion into a career.

She is inspired by the work that surrounds her and with her engaging personality is a joy to have in the salon. Jess loves doing the perfect set of waves so come in to see her for your next special event!

Anthony Pineda | Graduate Stylist

With a keen eye from style Anthony is passionate about his new career in hairdressing. Making the jump from the corporate world to the salon environment, Anthony found hairdressing as a creative outlet. Clients come to Anthony for the perfect blowdry and amazing customer service.

What’s your favourite food?
Pupusa. A dish from El Salvador. But don’t ask me how to make them! Thank goodness for relatives!

Favourite movie?
I can’t choose! I love movies such as The Fifth Element, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Blade Runner, Mean Girls, the list goes on…

Favourite holiday destination?
New York! It wasn’t a relaxing stay, however, I had an amazing time and looking forward to going back one day!